Apparently, Retro Rocks & Rules

Exciting things! After a rather quiet summer concert season, fall is looking very very (very!) good. For starters, The Smashing Pumpkins are playing in Philadelphia again at the Tower Theater for their “Other Side of the Kaliedyscope” Tour. I got my tickets this morning and yes, I did set an alarm to wake up for ’em.Β  I’ve seen the band once there and it was the most amazing show/venue (It was also their first tour back together in about 10 years) and I cannot wait to see them again with a new 44-track album, Teargarden in Kaliedyskope. See if they’re visiting your city here.

Deadmau5 is also playing a show in Philadelphia at the Festival Pier September 23. I am excited to see one of my (few) favorite DJs about a week before my birthday!

In other music news:

Mutemath! Holy-I-love-this-band. They’re releasing a new album, Odd Soul, on October 4. It’s available for pre-order here with a bunch of added bonuses for less than $20. They’ve set a few prelim tour dates but I am banking on a full-fledged album tour to be announced shortly. This afternoon on, the band played all new material from Odd Soul at an outdoor venue to a very small crowd. The new stuff has a 70’s vibe which normally, I’d shutter at; not the case here. This 70’s influence is merely sprinkled into to their classically stellar work while avoiding it seeming like they’re trying to reinvent themselves. I approve!

Here’s my music:design segue — Kii Arens, featured on today, does really great 60’s and 70’s/retro redesigns of album covers. Check his stuff out & for a flash site, my annoyance was at an all-time low while clicking around. I really love his site concept too. Woot!

Photos from my last Smashing Pumpkins concert in 2007 (?) (Click to enlarge)


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