Top Nail Polishes of All Time


Ok. NO secret here: I am a nail polish-aholic. In the hoarding type of way. It’s probably the most girly thing I publicly admit to doing. It’s also probably the prettiest “problem” to have.

I thought it would be helpful to post my HG nail polish colors/formulas and get others opinions on their favorites. Maybe you are here because you were all like, “Hey I need new nail colors but have no idea what are the good ones.” I am here to save the day!! Maybe not. Maybe I just try to pretend I’m a superhero. We all want to be one. I can be Mystique! Anyway…


(Pictured are listed below, L-R)

1. Essie – Set in Stones. This gawgeous silver/gold glitter goes well and livens up any boring manicure. Sometimes I lust after nail art but my brain is waaay more ambitious than my body is willing to put up with. This nail polish somehow satisfies my nail art craving by just doing an accent nail. Crisis averted.

2. Essie – Mint Candy Apple. This cult fave is seriously the most beautiful shade of mint that it makes every Pinterest pinner like, die. Like, they can’t even. It’s what I’m currently wearing and what more testimony could you possibly need? P.S. It is definitely brighter than it seems in the bottle.

3. Essie – Bikini So Teeny. When this periwinkle blue shade came out about 2ish years ago, I wore it for 3 months straight – NO LIE. Anyone and everyone I knew had gotten addicted to this color (I like to think I had something to do with it). It’s my favorite to wear in the Summer. and Winter. and Spring. and on the beach. and at the park. and dog walking. I’ll stop.

4. Sally Hansen, Xtreme Wear – Pacific Blue. Let’s talk about my favorite shade of blue. Then make it a nail polish. Ok, here you go. ::grins::    The brush on this wittle baby is wide so you can coat the nail faster and the formula is creamy and opaque (which is apparently the adjectives that are going to seemingly apply to every single polish I mention in this post. Sorry but I’m not). Anyway, SH Pacific Blue is kind of a dupe for Essie’s Butler Please but I think Sally’s is a touch more pastel. I love it. ::cue singing “I don’t care, I love it” by Icona Pop::

5. Essie – Fiji. Easily my absolute favorite. It’s creamy, opaque, and an almost white-pink shade. It makes you look extra tan in the summer which is great because I’m see-through and it also looks good on absolutely everyone, even if you’re dark as the night. And therefore you make me jealous.

6. OPI – My Chihuahua Bites. This is an intense red-orange that is deep enough for the cold months and bright enough for the warm ones. It works on all skin tones and I was happily swayed at first to buy it due to the name. 🙂  If they marketed anything to me with Chihuahua in the name, I can’t say I wouldn’t buy it. I’m a marketer’s dream. I know.

7. Essie – Wicked. (not pictured) A deep, blood dripping down the neck red. Black-red. It’s sexy. Like you. You are the vampire with this color on your nails. Be the vampire. Add some Essie Set in Stones and you’ll be a sparkly vampire. [See wut I did thur?] Note: A color dupe for this color is L’Oreal Haute Couture Red which I blogged about here.

Honorable Mention: Essie – Dive Bar. This polish is a dark, black blue-green shade that looks freakin’ COOL on your nails. If you don’t like wearing black nail polish but like the look of dark nails, try this guy out. It reminds me of a mermaid or ocean. Mah brayn haz probz.


Set in Stones, Mint Candy Apple, & Bikini So Teeny


My Chihuahua Bites & Dive Bar


Ok. I swear I’m not sponsored by anyone and especially not Essie although you really may be questioning me by all these mentions. I honestly just love Essie stuff/formulas/colors. I’m actually heading out to buy some of their Summer Neon line today. 😉

Also, my shopping tip! I usually order Essie & China Glaze nail polishes from Amazon. The prices are about $2+ cheaper than the stores and I love getting packages in the mail! 🙂

Thanks for reading/hanging out/bein’ a pal.


VDay Manicure <3

Happy Valentine’s Day, ya corny smooshy kissy-faced jerks!

I hate kind of hate Valentine’s Day simply for the fact that it’s so much about spending money and getting flowers more than spending time with people you kind of, like.

I did my nails to celebrate a little, which is more than I normally do (I usually wear a pink or red shirt but that’s all, folks). It’s a wonderful excuse to wear pink though… which is my favorite. For this manicure, I used:

Essie Blanc L’Oreal Colour Riche Caught Red HandedChina Glaze Snow Globe CND Stickey BaseSeche Vite Topcoat

I also used a dotting tool (links to the set I have) in the smallest of dots and a nail art paint brush to draw the outline of the heart. It was super easy and the only trick is to wait for each coat to completely dry so you don’t smear one color into the other. This was the most difficult part for me, as usual. I hope you enjoy, ya little heartbreaker!

Please excuse the desk top. My family dog destroyed with her nails it a few year ago and am in the process of finding someone to restore it 🙂




Dark Nail Colors – New Polish Thoughts/Review

Happy Sunday!

I actually hate Sundays… they’re so sad. I mean, I like having the day off but it’s just a slow slippery slide into the new work week. Haha yikes, that sounds quite depressing. Sorry about that.

Ya know what makes me happy though? YOU KNOW THIS ANSWER.

… nail polish, duh. I recently bought a few new nail polishes to add to the collection:

China Glaze Purr-fect PlumL’Oreal Haute Couture RedL’Oreal Sexy in SequinsCover Girl Outlast Black DiamondSally Hansen Big Matte TopcoatEssie Apricot Cuticle Oil

First up: China Glaze’s Purr-fect Plum. This color goes on smooth and looks opaque. I realized I didn’t have a plum shade so picked out this one and am very happy with it. The only thing I don’t like is the brush – it’s a thin little brush which I wish all nail polish companies would realize is so outdated and difficult to work with. I currently have this color on my toes and it looks wonderful.

I also bought 2 L’Oreal polishes, Haute Couture Red and Sexy in Sequins, from the Gold Dust collection. The Haute Couture Red is absolutely gorgeous and dark. I feel like I will wear this classic blood red shade forever. The Sexy in Sequins is a nice formula and I love the glitter but it has that strange rough texture that not even a thick top coat like Seche Vite could smooth out. I have a weird thing with textured nail polishes so this one is definitely not a favorite even though the color is very glittery, dark and pretty.

Next up, Cover Girl Outlast in Black Diamond. I had wanted to buy a new black nail polish as all of mine were either streaky (OPI Nicole’s black shade) or thick (old Urban Outfitters noir polish). It was between Essie Licorice or Cover Girl Black Diamond. I always loved the formula of Cover Girl Outlast polishes though so I gave this one a shot. It’s fantastic. One coat isn’t exactly enough but it could be if you wanted it to. It was super shiny although I topped it with the Sally Hansen Big Matte Topcoat. I love the matte finish and it seems to be holding up perfectly, without chips at all (I’ve tried it twice now). I’m very tempted to try the regular topcoat and see how that compares to others like Seche Vite and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Diamond Strength topcoat. Actually… I will probably buy it later today.

Lastly… I bought the cuticle oil by Essie after realizing this winter that my hands are in dire need of help. Both I and my bf have been using this oil for about a week now. It’s really nice and does smell apricot-y if you put your nose to it but it’s not perfumey or scented otherwise. It seems to be helping so far, so yay!

Here’s some photos of the bottles of nail polish and a few manis with the products mentioned:


China Glaze Purr-fect Plum


L’Oreal Haute Couture Red


L’Oreal Sexy in Sequins


Cover Girl Outlast Black Diamond


Sally Hansen Big Matte Topcoat


Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil


L’Oreal Sexy in Sequins + Seche Vite Topcoat


Manicure using CG Black Diamond + SH Big Matte Topcoat

2011 Nail Varnish

Update on the nail front: I’ve done a cute bunny design for Easter/spring as well as tried out some new colors from Essie and China Glaze.

Bunny Nails Tools:
Teeny Art brush from any craft store
Essie Nice is Nice (new French collection)
Essie Blanc (Bunny Body)
China Glaze Empowerment (breast cancer collection)
Urban Outfitters Noir

Bunny ring fingers!